Friday, March 26, 2010

Multiple blogging review opportunities

UK bloggers: It's choco time!
With Easter round the corner this campaign is perfect timing!

We are looking for serious chocolate lovers to take part in this tasting with Chocolate & Love. Your taste buds will be requested to sample the brand new arrival of some hand made organic chocolate bars. The founders of this new site have tried over 200 of the finest chocolate in the World and have literally selected a handful to sell online, they promise it's the highest quality chocolate that money can buy and a taste sensation.

Please forward your url to sylvie if you want to review this chocolate on your blog. Note that due to huge responses we can only reply if your blog is successfully selected, there will be more tastings so do not worry, you'll all get a go!

Please make sure that you are UK based and that your blog is updated frequently - we will also require a valid email address from you and alternative so that we can contact you during the campaign.

We have tried it and we can confirm that it is unlike any other chocolate we have tasted!

Organic Baby Shop looking for US bloggers
For this campaign we are working with a company that specializes in organic baby clothes and gifts - they are launching a competition and would like to make as much outreach as possible on the net. Can you help?

Each blogger taking part in this campaign will receive between 25 and 50 dollar voucher to place an order and test out the online shop, product and overall service.

They are also running a competition from April 1st to June 30th and would like the bloggers taking part in this campaign to mention it to their readers and peers online.

Bloggers with the following criteria will have a good chance to be selected:

-Have an interest in eco/organic products for babies.
-Have a blog updated frequently and a minimum of 500 visitors a month.
-Review within 3 weeks max of receiving the order.
-Remain contactable throughout the campaign with a valid email address and alternative address or twitter name so we can contact you for update and feedback.

Please email sylvie with your url - due to high demand we will only contact bloggers that have been selected.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wanted, lady bloggers from the UK
JML are putting the EZ Combs in the hands of UK bloggers!

JML are well known for their extensive range of domestic gadgets - they have recently launched the EZ Combs on and you may have already seen it in major retailers in UK.

For this campaign JML Direct are looking for UK lady bloggers prepared to put hair and creativity to the test and write about it.

JML will be sending out EZ Combs to selected bloggers.

If you would like to apply for this product review opportunity please make sure that your blog fits the following criteria:

-Be a UK based female blogger with a lively blog and an interest in having a "good hairstyle".
-Have a blog updated frequently and a busy online social life.
-Be prepared to review the EZ Combs within a maximum of two weeks of reception of the product.
-Remain contactable throughout the campaign with a valid email address and alternative address or twitter name so we can contact you for update and feedback.

Is this campaign for your blog? If so, please forward the url of the blog you are willing to conduct your review on to Sylvie

Looking forward to working with you on this campaign!

iPad competition updates
There is still time to enter the Clockspot competition, remember the winners will receive an iPad - you have till the 31st of March to enter so hurry!

"If you were responsible for producing the next revolutionary technology, what would it be? How would you use Clockspot to help your endeavor?"

Register and enter your blog HERE and follow the instructions carefully.

Good luck!

UK dog or cat owners wanted
As we announced a few weeks ago, we are looking for UK based bloggers who have either a cat or a dog to test out Nutrecare they have just finalised the re-launch of their site and are looking for feedback and blogger outreach.

Thank you to the users who have already applied a few weeks ago, we are now ready to move forward with this campaign and will be contacting you shortly with more info. Thank you for your patience!

If you are blogging and would like to post about your pet and review Nutrecare please forward the url of your blog to sylvie.

Bloggers selected will have a £20.00 voucher to use on the site.

Please check the following points before you apply:

-Be a UK based blogger
-Your blog does not have to be solely about your pet but be prepared to include a picture of your cat or dog when posting your review - we would love to see them!
-You will need to give your review based on your online experience, from browsing to placing your order & receiving it...of course we hope your dog or cat will approve of your choice of food too!
-Remain contactable throughout the campaign with a valid email address and alternative address or twitter name so we can contact you for update and feedback.

So if this campaign is for your blog and your pet then we want to hear from you both ;)


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We are currently working hard to make more product review opportunities available to bloggers who want to work with brands and test out interesting new products. Some of the opportunities come in limited numbers so it is key that you apply quickly.

As well as posting the latest on the newsletter we do update with the latest opportunities on twitter, facebook and the fuelmyblog's blog.

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