Monday, March 8, 2010

Learn More About Managing Sales Tax in Magento eCommerce Applications

Managing Sales Tax in Magento eCommerce Applications

Magento™ now offers AvaTax™, a fully integrated on-demand sales tax management solution for your online business. Join us for a free webinar on the advantages and benefits of this industry-leading solution, including the easiest setup, the fastest and most accurate calculations available, and complete automated back-end reporting.

Topics include:

* The challenges of sales tax calculation and compliance.
* Changes in state sales tax legislation that could affect your e-commerce business.
* How your company can achieve full compliance with the AvaTax solution.
* Demo of the AvaTax Dashboard for centralized, secure management.

Do you spend your valuable time dealing with sales tax when you could be growing your business? Are you constantly updating rules and trying to make sure you're in compliance with your local tax codes? If you're looking for a better solution, please join us on Tuesday, March 9th at 9am Pacific Time for an inside look at the Magento and AvaTax solution.
Date: Tuesday, March 9th, 9:00 AM PST(GMT -08:00, Los Angeles)

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