Monday, March 22, 2010

How to create site credibility

Every great site contains informational pages that support the site's credibility. Why? Building up site credibility is important if you are building a small business or growing a group site. You wouldn't want to spend money or give out your information to someone that you didn't think was legit, neither would your users!

We have made it easier than ever for you to build out such pages with our pre-built apps:


Don't let your visitors search for answers. Create a frequently asked questions page where they can easily find the needed information. Not to worry, we made it very easy for you to build an FAQ page with tons of features like: drag & drop option to organize questions, categorize questions, automatically generated table of contents with anchor links to the questions and answers and more! Create One Today!

Testimonials App

Nothing says it better than a thumbs-up from a satisfied customer. Your potential users want to see that you are not just reputable, but others are satisfied with the services that you offer. Give your current customers ability to leave feedback (don't worry you have full control which testimonials see the light of day) Start collecting your Thumbs Up today!

Locations App

Remember, your customers want to make sure that you are legit. Don't forget to create a contact page with all your basic information. Benefits of using our Locations App: the app automatically generates an interactive map with your location and lets your visitors get turn-by-turn directions from their location right on your site! Add Locations App Now.

We are always adding new products to our Webs Store for users that want to purchase Premium products without spending any money.

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