Thursday, March 4, 2010

Embedded Systems Technical News

New Web Seminar
USB Under the Hood
March 23, 2010
10:00am - 11:00am US/Central
This session illustrates how the ease of use of USB hides a great deal of complexity "under the hood". The architecture, modes of operation and use case variations of USB are outlined in detail. Some thought is given to the future of USB technology.

What you will learn:

* How USB works
* How to select USB software variants
* Why an off-the-shelf solution is attractive
* What the future holds for USB

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On Demand Web Seminar
An Embedded C++ Case Study
In this technical web seminar the value of object oriented techniques in handling complex hardware/software interfaces is considered and the concept of encapsulation of expertise introduced. A detailed case study is used to illustrate the ideas.

What you will learn:

* How to use C++ to "tame" complex hardware and software interfaces
* The concept of encapsulation of expertise

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Embedded Systems Software Evaluations
EDGE Developer Suite Software TrialMentor Graphics has a new release of our EDGE Developer Suite Software Trial which is a complete set of tools built on the Eclipse open source software framework. The EDGE developer suite offers enhanced C++ debug capability, decreased build time with parallel build option, faster download time and improved debug view for a better user experience.

The EDGE software development tool evaluation contains:

* EDGE IDE project manager and source editor
* EDGE Debugger
* EDGE C/C++ Compiler
* EDGE Profiler

The evaluation includes a fully functional version of the EDGE Tools with a 30-day license.

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Embedded Software Professional Services
Mentor Graphics engineers provide expertise in leveraging and optimizing software for intelligent devices, bringing a comprehensive approach to the requirements of product planning, development and deployment. Our timely offerings enhance, speed and optimize at every phase of the device lifecycle. Visit our website to find out how our unique experience can help you stay ahead of the technology curve.

* Build for quality, then test to validate throughout the device lifecycle
* Code and integrate to the highest standards
* Performance optimization from top to bottom
* Proactively identify risk, to find and resolve problems ahead of time

See how Mentor Embedded Services can help you

Are you developing an Android-based device on a TI OMAP 35x processor? Mentor’s Embedded Services have customized solutions for you. Our team brings unmatched expertise in optimizing open source software with a long history of successfully working in Linux, Android, and Open Source - and serve today as trusted consultants, developers, maintainers, and active participants within the Open Source community. Learn more about Mentor Support for Android-Based Devices on TI-OMAP Processors

Mentor's Embedded Blog
One of Mentor Graphics' most widely read blogs - The Colin Walls Blog - discusses various elements of embedded software. Recent topics range from Product Quality to C++ to a Google moble lab. There are many regular visitors who are not shy about leaving comments or emailing their views. Drop by and get involved - you'll be in good company.

Visit The Colin Walls Embedded Blog

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