Friday, March 26, 2010

CB 1.2.2 released - upgrade for strengthened security

CB 1.2.2 released - upgrade for strengthened security

Community Builder 1.2.2 has just been released and is a recommended upgrade as it further strengthens security aspects of CB (even though there are no known vulnerabilities in CB 1.2 and CB 1.2.1 releases).

We would also like to remind you that if you still have older CB 1.0 or CB 1.1 releases on your websites you really need to upgrade them to CB 1.2.2. The 1.2.2 upgrade process is painless, especially on Joomla 1.5 environments where you can just install over existing releases without losing any parameters or plugins.

CB 1.2.2 also has some additional benefits like fully translatable administration area, PHP 5.3 compatibility as well as 70+ minor bug fixes.

Read CB 1.2.2 release announcement - Download CB 1.2.2 (must be logged in on Joomlapolis)
New CB Facebook and Twitter Connect plugins boost your membership website!

We would also like to share with you our latest and hottest news flash regarding the release of our two new authentication plugins: the CB Facebook and Twitter Connect plugins.

Community Building is all about membership and often a successful membership site is measured by its membership population. Sites that empower Facebook Connect or Twitter Sign-in technologies have been experiencing an increase in their membership attraction rate by as much as 40%! You can now put this technology to use on your CB powered websites by downloading our latest CB add-ons: the CB Facebook Connect and CB Twitter Connect plugins.

These just released CB authentication plugins allow users to sign-in / login to your CB 1.2.2 website using their Facebook or Twitter credentials, completely bypassing the registration and login form process! Both plugins are open-source and are each packaged with a 20 page detailed guide and are available for immediate download to all CB Documentation subscribers as yet another thank you for their subscription and support. The plugins also synchronize selectable data from Facebook or Twitter accounts to CB fields on your website. A very powerful solution that broadens your website reach to the over 500 million Facebook/Twitter members who will be able to join your website with a single mouse button click!

Read the CB Facebook and Twitter Connect Release Announcement.
Combine CB Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect with CBSubs to reach 500 million potential customers!

The CB Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect plugins interface nicely with our CB Subscriptions paid membership solution - CBSubs, allowing you to monetize the added value of your CB powered website content to the combined 500 million membership of Facebook and Twitter. Experience this integration on our CBSubs demo site.

CB Documentation Subscriber download add-ons are now 13!

With the addition of these two newly released plugins the total number of CB Team released add-ons that are available to CB Documentation subscribers as a thank you for their continued support has reached the number 13 and more add-ons are being prepared as we speak

There are some really important add-ons that are offered as part of the CB Documentation subscription package:

* The CB Privacy plugin allows website administrators to turn on privacy features for and CB field or tab thus empowering each website user to decide how these fields/tabs are to be published or hidden depending on the viewer.
* The CB Ajax File fieldtype plugin allows you create CB file fields which your members can use to upload for example their CV pdf file.

Visit the CB Documentation subscription page to see all add-ons.
CB Documentation Subscription Value and price increase

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you in advance that while the CB Documentation subscription value has just increased (with the 2 new plugins) and will continue to increase (with new add-ons), we will also be increasing the yearly subscription fee by 10 Euros. As of March 29th, the yearly subscription fee will become 35 Euros (instead of its current 25 Euro price). We respect our Joomlapolis community and want to give you early information about this now decided increase, so if you want to benefit from these new CB Facebook and Twitter Connect plugins and from the other add-ons offered to CB Documentation subscribers, now and for next 12 months, you can still do so at our before increase price of 25 Euros (appr. 34 USD). That converts to u nder 2 Euros an add-on! A great value for money proposal. Act now! Don't miss out on this opportunity - we will not email you about this again.

Support CB - become a CB Documentation Subscriber and download documentation, 13 CB Team released add-ons (including the CB Facebook and Twitter Connect plugins) and any upgrades or new add-ons released in the next 12 month for only 25 Euros!
Did you know?

* that Community Builder is Joomla's most popular extension?
* that CBSubs is the most advanced membership management solution?
* that CBSubs manages content access levels depending on membership plans (free ones also)?
* that CB Privacy plugin allows to selectively hide fields and tabs depending on admin and user choice?
* that CBSubs allows you to have different registration pages depending on plan or registration URL?
* that Joomlapolis has the fastest Joomla templates around?
* that the CB file field plugin can be used to attach user files to profiles?
* that CBSubs can be used to provide private forum access with Kunena depending on membership plan?

Happy Community Building!

CB Team @ Joomlapolis

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