Saturday, March 27, 2010

Announcing Miro 3.0!

Miro 3.0!

Hello hello! We have just released Miro 3.0, a major update. It has new features, starts up much faster, downloads faster, a supports subtitles. Help us spread the word by posting a tweet about Miro 3.0!

(we’re also announcing a totally new application called Miro Video Converter! the simplest way to convert a video to mp4, theora, or your phone)
Here are the biggest new features in Miro:

Subtitles! If subtitles are embedded or in the same folder as your video, they will be available automatically in a new drop-down menu. Or pick any subtitle file.

Faster Faster Faster! Miro is faster and snappier in all sorts of ways from downloading torrents to deleting lots of files. For example, launching Miro is over 150% faster!

Louder Louder Louder! The maximum volume for videos is now at least twice as high. Really nice for laptops.

Edit file info Easily change the title, description, and category of a file.

Play Externally We’ve added an option to play all files externally and a right-click menu for single items.

Lots of small tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes.

For a more complete list of what’s new and different, see see my blog post.

I’m very excited about this new version of Miro, I think it really takes the application to a new level of smoothness and polish.

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nicholas and the rest of the miro team

Miro is a non-profit project of the Participatory Culture Foundation.

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