Sunday, February 14, 2010

unknown phone calls

Got a wierd phone call from 971508734605 and wanted to find out where this number originated from translated into english
Section No. attribution information

这是以1508734 (如果是外地打来可能显示01508734)为开头七位数字的手机号段归属信息: This is 1,508,734 (if it is called the field may appear 01,508,734) as at the beginning of paragraph seven-digit phone number ownership of information:

* 手机七位号段: 1508734 Section No. 7 Phone: 1508734
* 归属省份地区: 云南 、 红河 Attribution Province: Yunnan, the Red River
* 电信运营商: 移动 Telecom operators: Mobile
* 手机卡类型: 150卡详细: 全球通卡 Phone Card Type: 150 card details: the Global Express Card
* 包含手机号码:15087340000 - 15087349999 Contains the mobile number: 15087340000 - 15087349999

包含号码列表 Contains the list of numbers

下面是本号段包含的一万个号码详细列表: Here is the paragraph No. 10000 contained a detailed list of numbers:

特别说明: Special Note:

* 以下号码只是本站根据手机号码的前七位数字号段排列出来的十一位完整号码列表,并未对任何号码进行具体说明 The following numbers is the first site under the phone number in paragraph No. 7 ranked number 11 out of a complete list of numbers, not specific instructions for any number of
* 以下号码列表在本页面中不鉴定具体号码是否骗子号码,不涉及手机号码隐私,请勿要求本站单独删除其中某个号码 The following list of numbers in this page does not identify the specific number is liar number, do not involve cell phone number privacy, please do not expect a separate site to delete one of these numbers
* 以下号码列表中可能有个别号码在网友的留言等其它页面中出现,如果有这样的情况,请看专门页面中的具体内容 The following numbers in the list may be individually numbered message in the User and other pages appear, if there is such a case, see the specific content of specific page
* 本站也无法提供具体手机号的机主资料,浏览者可以自己尝试在各搜索引擎中搜索或者咨询电信运营商的客服热线 Site is unable to provide a specific phone number owner information, visitors can try their own search in each search engine, or consult the customer service hotline, telecom operators

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