Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Web CEO 8.1: Free update and discounted upgrade offered

Dear Customer,

Another eventful winter is coming to an end, but before this page of history turns, we'd like to contribute our important event - the release of Web CEO 8.1. The new version proves that Web CEO's evolution has been going in the right direction. In addition to Web CEO's unquestionable efficiency, working with the new version of our program has become a real pleasure because our developers have significantly improved usability, and have gone into the greatest detail to offer you a perfect experience with Web CEO. To name a few of the most remarkable new features:

* You will be able to export data from the "My site" and "Competition" Ranking History reports as .csv files and open them using your spreadsheet software. For many of you the ability to sort and filter all the ranking databases in Excel, Calc, or Numbers will increase the analytical potential of the Ranking reports manifold.
* The Partners module of Web CEO will ensure your partners don't use any cloaking techniques and hide their real link pages from you. Second, you will be able to send your email not only as plain text, but also as formatted HTML. Third, you will have a convenient filtering system on the Summary tab to select groups of existing or potential partners according to the partnership status.
* We've updated charts in the Ranking and Links reports, so you will have more beautiful and functional charts to view and share. A tremendous amount of major and minor interface enhancements in all Web CEO modules have made it even more intuitive and convenient.
* We've updated the Web CEO University content with the "Social Media" chapter, so you will have a chance to enrich your knowledge with the new, efficient Web promotion techniques.
* And finally, our new version is fully compatible with MS Windows 7, so if you upgrade your operating system, you can rest assured Web CEO will work on it like a charm!

If you want to view the full list of features, visit the Web CEO 8.1 description page.
Download Web CEO

You are welcome to UPGRADE FOR FREE to version 8.1 by downloading the new version file from http://www.webceo.com/download and installing it over your current Web CEO.

Feel free to contact Customer Support at support@webceo.com or write to me directly at julia@webceo.com with your questions about Web CEO.


Julia Oulik
Director of Customer Care
Phone: +38-055-232-5371 (Int'l)
Phone: +1-866-793-2236 (US toll-free)
Fax: +1-206-339-5658
Live chat: http://www.webceo.com/support/
Address: 9 Sichnya St.15, Suite 421
Kherson 73000, Ukraine

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