Friday, February 12, 2010

New announcement: SA Facebook connect intergration 0.1 RC2

- Allow Facebook user integration
- Allow smf facebook sync
- Status updates
- Vbgamers welcome topic support
- jblazes referals mod support
- vbgamers avatar selct on register support
- custom profile support
- facebook avatar sync
- allowes users to invite freinds from facebook
- alllows user to share your site
- facebook comments box
- facebook fan page
- facebook admin logs

How to use:
- Create an application at facebook,
- Edit the settings, specially at Connect option, fill Connect URL with your website ie:
- Goto admin/sa facebook connect and enter the keys in the correct places

use subdomain independent cookies:
This mod reqires that use subdomain independent cookies is turned off can be found in
admin/sever settings/cookies and sessions/Use subdomain independent cookies

16 December 2009:
changed username to first name last name [not every one has a fb user name]
shotend email to proxy_'.$fb_user.'
added support for the welcome topic mod
added option to enable disable mod
fixed missing closing php tags in the facebook files
some code clean up

24 December 2009:
added to custom action so it all wraped into smf
added invite from facebook feture
added change avatar from fb o forum feture
added fb comments box
added share site feture

01 January 2010:
fixed mysql_free_result(): error
moved loadFbc(); from template to function FB_Connect() source file
added some sessions callback to help with this error Uninitialized string offset: 0 [works for me]
fixed Undefined variable: fb_user
added fb fan page
more options in admin
added request email status updated post to wall permissions
added is not guest function to main facebook page stop guest enering there
added login permission check to action=facebook and action=facebook;sa=sync
added on logut function to log out from facebook when loggin out from site
added share topic fetre
fixed invalide xhtml
added fb tags to javascript

05 January 2010:
fixed fb userrs cant edit profile info
fixed simple portal bug
added $boardurl to one of the js calls it was missing and didnt work with seo mods
fixed turkish carators
some typos fixed
fixed email issues
added default setting to prevent once of errors
admin page tidy up

11 January 2010:
added fb userid name and facebook page to custom profile feilds
fixed bug where deleting a member if they registerd again it wouldent work
added chooses diplay name option
recoded setlogin cookie function now uses $modSettings['cookieTime']
ditched a db qeary $memberID = registerMember($regOptions); $memberID get the newest registerd member id
added support for custom profile feild upon registration
now you can choose wich board you want people to share
added permissions to the topic chare fetur
added facebook connect button to simple portasl user block
added facebook connect button to prtamx user block user block
added facebook connect button to exportal user block user block
added facebook connect button to login page
added some option for the facebook comments box

17 January 2010:
fixed being able to register the same display name twice
added support for jblazes referals mod
fixed conflict with twitter facebook publish mod
now uses members table instead of it own table for better performance
many places now use update member data function instead of custom query
many database querys optimaised reduced and cleaned
added support for vbgamers avatar select on register mod
installscript recoded and cleaned

Speciel thanks to:
NIBOGO: beta testing and code contributions
SPOOGS: beta testing
BADTROUT: Beta testing

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You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The SA Mod Development Site Team.

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