Wednesday, February 10, 2010

how google got the buzz wrong googlebuzz

1) Auto-following. We didn’t want users to have to peck out a totally new social graph. There has always been a giant social network under Gmail. You auto-follow the people you email and chat with the most.

My take
Google automatically chooses people in your list to auto follow. You will notices names you may not have sent more than one email .

Also those you email are NOT those you chat with most

2) Rich, fast sharing experience. Same nice Gmail UI and keyboard shortcuts. Special attention to media.

Why would i want media in my email?

3) Public and private sharing. We want things Google can index, but also private messages.

Why would i want "google" to index my mail?

4) Inbox integration. The inbox is the center for communication.

my mail box is not the center for communication! It is the center to just send and reveive emails. My communication center is irc and messenger

5) Just the good stuff. Some much social data, we need to filter the noise.

googlebuzz IS the noise!

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