Sunday, January 3, 2010

wordpress phpbb bridge

There are a couple of great ways to integrate phpBB with WordPress.

WP-United is a powerful yet compact modification for phpBB 3. The package integrates WordPress, the leading blogging and content management tool, into a phpBB community.

Use WordPress as a stand-alone portal, or as a fully-integrated blog system

The choice is yours! The multitude of clean, well-designed templates for WordPress make it an excellent choice for a site homepage. If you want, you can allow community members to comment on WordPress posts, or give them their own fully-fledged blog with a choice of themes.

Combine WordPress, or phpBB, into the look and feel of your site

You can choose to have WordPress appear inside your phpBB header and footer – as users browse posts or articles in WordPress, they will also have access to phpBB function such as log in/out, profile, and private messaging.

If you prefer, you can also choose to have phpBB appear inside a WordPress page!

Many owners of phpBB sites will have spend a long time customising the look and feel. You won’t have to duplicate this as WordPress will sit inside your existing header and footer, without any modifications! And the reverse is true too, for owners of WordPress sites.

New in v0.7.0: If you want phpBB integrated inside a WordPress page, the phpBB3 header can be auto-removed, while still retaining the phpBB3 quick search box. For existing WordPress users, this means that with a few clicks they can deploy a phpBB forum to their blog sites, with little fuss.

Automatic login integration

Users don’t need to register for a separate WordPress account – it is all managed behind the scenes by the integration package.

You can choose how user levels are mapped from phpBB to WordPress – for example, you could give phpBB users the ability to create posts, mods the power to edit posts, etc… or you could allow only phpBB admins to create posts, and everyone else to comment… the choice is yours. You can even turn the mapping completely off – allowing WordPress to use its own login system.

A management panel is provided so you can view a list of WordPress users and see how they are mapped to phpBB users.

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