Thursday, January 7, 2010

wordpress and drupal

PluginManager is designed to allow users to install modules and themes.

Wordpress Import
This module imports a WordPress blog into Drupal from a WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file.

- Go into the Blogger Settings and Export your blog to the XML (Atom) file it provides.
- Create a account.
- Create a temporary blog within your account.
- Go into the Site Admin section, and select Tools from the panel down the left-hand side.
- Select "Import" from the expanded menu Tools item from the menu down the side.
- Import the XML (Atom) file from Blogger.
- Export your blog.
- Install the the wordpress_import module ( to your Drupal site.
- Import the file that created on Export into this module.

Browse for a Blogger export file press 'Convert' to translate that file into a Wordpress WXR export file suitable for importing into a Wordpress blog.

In Comparison to Wordpress_Import

The Wordpress_Import module work towards a similar goal, but there are several differences:

* Wordpress_Import uses an WXR export file from Wordpress whereas WP2Drupal interacts directly with the database.
* WP2Import has greater flexibility with the import:
o You can decide what content types to use for posts & pages
o You can decide what vocabularies to use for categories and tags
o You can use Path_Redirect to catch the old URLs but still use PathAuto to give them new URLs; GlobalRedirect will make it even more transparent
o You can (optionally) clear out (truncate) existing content tables to start with a fresh copy of your content
* Wordpress_Import is somewhat more user-friendly.

Ultimately, though, WP2Drupal will be merged into a more useful all-in-one migration tool.

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