Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Embedded system news

On Demand Web Seminars

Maximize Effectiveness by Combining Android and TI OMAP35x

View this technical web seminar with Mentor & Texas Instruments to learn how to maximize your effectiveness by using the new combined-solution: Android & TI OMAP35x Framework.

During this web seminar experts from Mentor and TI will cover:
  • Fundamentals of the Android architecture
  • How Android and TI OMAP35x work together
  • Advantages of Android for designs relative to Linux
  • Mentor developer tools available to assist Android developer
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Nucleus Support Within ARM RealView Development Suite

Mentor Graphics and ARM have collaborated to bring developers a comprehensive software solution for Nucleus OS and Inflexion UI 3D Technology running on ARM processors.

Join experts from Mentor and ARM to learn:
  • How kernel awareness can speed debug of your application
  • How to develop compelling UI designs using the RTSM models
  • Debugging and Profiling Nucleus applications on a wide range of targets
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Technical Paper

How to Rapidly Create and Customize Compelling GUIs for Android-Based Devices

This paper takes a closer look at one available GUI technology that allows for the rapid creation and radical customization of a GUI in any Android-based device.

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Embedded Software Evaluations

EDGE Developer Suite Software Trial

Mentor Graphics has a new release of our EDGE Developer Suite Software Trial which is a complete set of tools built on the Eclipse open source software framework. The new EDGE developer suite offers enhanced C++ debug capability, decreased build time with parallel build option, faster download time and improved debug view for a better user experience.

The EDGE software development tool evaluation contains:
  • EDGE IDE project manager and source editor
  • EDGE Debugger
  • EDGE C/C++ Compiler
  • EDGE Profiler
The evaluation includes a fully functional version of the EDGE Tools with a 30-day license.

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Mentor's Embedded Blog

One of Mentor Graphics' most widely read blogs - The Colin Walls Blog - discusses various elements of embedded software. Recent topics range from Product Quality to C++ to a Google moble lab. There are many regular visitors who are not shy about leaving comments or emailing their views. Drop by and get involved - you'll be in good company.

Visit The Colin Walls Embedded Blog

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