Friday, January 1, 2010

drupal smf bridge


1) Download the SMFforum module from or

2) Download the latest smf_api_2 archive from
See the "license.txt" file for details of the Simple Machines LLC license.

3) Copy smfforum directory to your modules directory .../modules/smfforum/

// This is for drupal not smf. For drupal 6 you need to use your site file manager from your cpanel or FTP to upload the files to the module directory.

upload the file smfforum-6.x-1.21.tar.gz to the /modules directory .

Extracts the files to a new folder called smfforum (the extraction automatically creates the files. You just need to be in the /modules/ directory with the file in the same directory.

if you try to upload it to smf you will get the error

The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.

4) Unpack smf_api_2 archive and copy it to subdirectory

this is for the SMF forum not drupal
upload to the smfforum directory under modules and extract the files.

this extracts

inflating: smf_api_2.php
inflating: smf_api_subs.php
inflating: smf_api_2_examples.php
inflating: README.txt
inflating: license.txt


5) Follow the instructions in README.txt file.

you may get an error

Error locating /home/sitename/public_html/smf/smf_api_2.php. Please fix your settings!
Unable to connect to the SMF database. Please fix your settings!

you need to change the path to where your drupal module is located

Error locating SMF installation. Please fix your settings!
Error locating . Please fix your settings!
Unable to connect to the SMF database. Please fix your settings!

the above was because i extracted them into the drupal module not the smf forum folder

Installing and configuring Advanced Forum - 6.x

Successfully locating SMF installation.
Successfully locating /home/indiarec/public_html/smf/smf_api_2.php.
Successfully connected to the SMF database.
You are not authenticated in SMF now. Please login to SMF and test again. You may refresh settings!

We used smfforum but had so many authentication problems (users would have to login, go to the forum, then logout and back in) that we switched to the excellent Advanced Forum module.

Enables the look and feel of other popular forum software.
Depends on: Forum (enabled), Author Pane (enabled), Taxonomy (enabled), Comment (enabled)


  • Requires: Forum, taxonomy, comments, Author Pane, phptemplate based theme
  • Recommended: Statistics (for views counter) and Flatcomments (to avoid issues due to the underlying threads when forums are visually set flat.)
  • Others: For a complete forum package, see this list of other contrib modules.

Adding functionality to your forum with contribs

Drupal modules equivalent to phpBB features.

Home › Administer › Content management › Forums

Users can post topics to forums. Forums can appear below other forums in a hierarchy, or can appear in containers.Containers are 'parents' for forums (discussion boards); they are used to group forums. Users cannot post topics to containers; users post to the forums in the container(s). A site with only a few forum discussion boards may not need any containers.

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