Friday, November 27, 2009

Tinychat commands

/color (changes the color of your chat)
/nick nickname (changes your nickname)
/me is talking about self in the third person (nuf said)
/topic this is the room topic (changes the room topic, if you are a room operator)
/msg nickname this is private (sends a private message to another user in the room)
/ignore nickname (blocks their chat messages from appearing on your screen)
/ban nickname (kicks and bans the user from the room, if you are a room operator)
/banlist (displays the ban/forgive list, if you are a room operator)
/oper nickname (makes that user a room operator like you)
/broadcast nickname (allows that user to brodcast)
/close nickname (closes that user's brodcast if you had allowed them)


  1. Still working these commands? and where i put them? in the same part i write?,, but my main question is..i used "/oper nick" for make operator to a friend, but i don't see the star in his nick, help please!.

  2. For some reason, a person keeps getting passed the ban. We've banned them over 9 times, and it shows them on the ban list, but yet they can keep coming back.

  3. they are unpluging there modem and or reseting there ip nothing you can do about that.

  4. Is there a way to change it to a specific color ?

  5. They took away allot of the commands.